A Monkey Strip A Day Keeps the Scratches Away

We’ve Got Your Squeegees Covered!

Introducing Monkey Strips #cornergame & Monkey Mags!

Our buffers help installers achieve professional results every time!
Introducing Monkey Strips 2.0: Better In Every Way!

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The Official Squeegee Buffer for 3MTM Europe, Signgeer and Metamark

Fits all standard squeegees!

Monkey Strips have a custom made low-friction surface.

  • Easily replaceable/changeable
  • Ultra thin edge
  • Allows for high precisionĀ on curves
  • Perfect for all types of graphic installations
  • Helps installers use less heat which avoids overstretching
  • Endorsed by Justin Pate

Custom sizes & colors available in bulk – contact admin@monkeystrips.com!