Proudly made in Holland since 2014!

Made by installers for installers!

Monkey Strip products are professional felt squeegee buffers that are durable, low profile and easy to replace.  Monkey Strips are the most trusted buffer worldwide and used daily by professional installers and wrap shops. They were created in Holland in 2012 and are still proudly produced there! Monkey Strips were made by installers who wanted to give their customers the best wrap possible. That is what Monkey Strips will give you – quality your customers can see and installers can feel – wrap after wrap!

Monkey Strips can be used for wet and dry applications.  This makes it ideally suited for:

  • Commercial installs: walls, floors and windows
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Color Change
  • PPF
  • Interior
  • Tint

Why Monkey Strips?

Here's what industry professionals are saying

“Monkey Strips are my go to buffer when wrapping anything from commercial, color change and PPF. The quality and consistency of the product line year after year and wrap after wrap is something I really depend on. Additionally, I love the 3.0 version that just came out. The new logo and bag are amazing and, more importantly, that slit in the liner allows me to peel and put on a fresh Monkey Strip in seconds”


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